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Tippek a jobb párbeszédhez

2022. szeptember

“Is there any 21st-century skill more important than being able to sustain coherent, confident conversation?” asks Celeste Headlee, a radio host and professional interviewer. Obviously, the art of conversation is an especially important skill for recruiters, and Celeste’s 10 tips to be a better conversationalist are easily applied to candidate interviews.

Instead of peppering candidates with technical queries, ask them things like, What was that like? How did that feel? “Because then,” Celeste says, “they might have to stop for a moment and think about it, and you’re going to get a much more interesting response.” The simplest interview questions can be the most revealin

Celeste Headlee

is an American radio journalist, author, public speaker, and co-host of the weekly series Retro Report on PBS. In her 20-year career in public radio, Headlee has served as the host of the Georgia Public Broadcasting program "On Second Thought" and co-host of the national morning news show The Takeaway. Before 2009, she was the Midwest Correspondent for NPR's Day to Day and the host of a weekly show on Detroit Public Radio.


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