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Talent Management Podcast

“It’s so interesting that when we have taken a hit to our confidence, or we change contexts, we often overlook what we bring to the table.” - Lisa Mitchell

During this episode of Talent Management Truths, I’m discussing confidence as it relates to Talent Management leaders.

As I’ve been working to get my podcast launched and out into the world, I’ve been speaking with leaders from all kinds of companies and industries, and I’ve noticed a common reaction amongst many leaders I’ve invited on the show: “Who, me?”

Perhaps as a profession, we’re just more humble :) It got me thinking, though, about why this reaction seemed to be so frequent.

In today’s episode of Talent Management Truths, you’ll discover:

  • How important it is to challenge the stories in our heads when we face a change in context

  • Why clarity of purpose is critical for pushing past feelings of not being good enough

  • 3 questions to help you think about how confidence is showing up for you these days


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